The 1972 Subscription

The 1972 Subscription

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The Eden Book Society is best enjoyed as a subscription. The first year is 1972 and features six great books from the Eden backlist. When you subscribe you’ll receive all of the books released as part of the 1972 collection so far and then you’ll receive each book as it is released.

The 1972 books are…

  • Holt House by L. G. Vey

  • Judderman by D. A. Northwood

  • A Dedicated Friend by Shirley Longford

  • The Castle by Chuck Valentine

  • Plunge Hill: A Case Study by J. M. McVulpin

  • Starve Acre by Jonathan Buckley

Each book is a beautiful paperback in a handy little size. As well as receiving each book you’ll also be subscribed to The Archivist’s Newsletter - a chronicle of our resident archivist’s monthly discoveries from the Eden family archives.